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ABC / XYZ Segmentation in lower level than PRDID?

Hi Experts,

We are currently trying to set up ABC / XYZ segmentation for SAP IBP 1702. This is working well when we just use the default ABC / XYZ setup on PRODUCT ID that is in the IBP1 sample area.

However, we need to have a more detailed analysis, on Product - Sales Org level. Sales Org is a new attribute that we added to the Customer MDT. We also created a new MDT with both PRDID and the SALESORGID as key and ABC and XYZ as extra attributes. We also created a new level MTHPRODSALESORG on which we have made a key figure to run the analysis on. This is still working fine, but we then cannot filter on those attributes, because the ABC and XYZ attributes are not in the default planning levels that are available.

We can add these, but we then get the error "Ambiguous values found for non-root attributes ZPRODSALESORGABC,ZPRODSALESORGXYZ in source master data type PS5ZPRODSORG using root attributes PRDID for planning level PURSANDBO5.DAYPRODLOCCUST".

This seems to be because the MDT PS5ZPRODSORG, which contains the ABC and XYZ attribute, has PRDID and SALESORGID as key, but SALESORGID is not a root in the standard planning levels based on the IBP1 Planning Area.

So we cannot run the analysis on a higher level then PRODID. Running it on PROD-CUST or PROD-LOC is too detailed in our setup. Adding an extra root in the existing planning levels also is not an option, because this makes it impossible to use these planning levels in the supply area (customer sourcing functionality doesn't work anymore then).

Are there any other possibilities to run ABC / XYZ analysis on a lower level than Product?

Thanks in advance

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