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Sep 26, 2020 at 03:14 PM

In-process inspection (03) with multiple Master Recipes


Dear Community,

How to reduce In-process inspection (03) Master Data in the case of multiple Master Recipes?

Case description:

During In-process inspection (Origin 03), Master Recipes used to plan/produce/cost are also used to maintain Quality Inspection Master Data (MIC, …).

In the case of multiple Master Recipes (2 to 10) assign to the same produce Material, the Quality Inspection Master Data (MIC, ….) are duplicated in each Master Recipe (assumption same Quality Inspections are performed)


As Quality Inspection Master Data for Origin (03) must be stored in Master Recipe,

is there any possibility to force the system to choose one Master Recipe (same material/plant) during (03) Inspection Lot generation?

Is there any standard Customizing or User exit available to force this selection?

Thank you