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Feb 06, 2012 at 03:34 PM

Live Office pushing the limits


We are trying to push the limits of what Live Office can extract as data and the number of concurrents users that can achieve it.

Here is how we proceeded.

1. The data that is being retrieved is about 28 fields and 9000 records.

2. We got the "Maximum character output size limit reached" error message so we increased the option "Maximum Character Stream Size " and "Binary Stream Maximum Size " on the webiprocessingserver to 50mb.

3. We then manage to use Live Office to download the data to Excel.

4. We now are having a problem with around 10 users (10 connections total) who try to refresh the data around the same time.

5. We get the "Web server out of memory " and "(LO 26315) Java Heap space (6315) " randomly from users...

6. The Apache server already has an "Maximum memory pool " and "Minimum memory pool " of 1024megs

We would like to know if there is any other thing we can configure to get multiple concurrent connections refreshing their report without any issues? With the amount of data that they are extracting and our current environment. We are not looking to get more like putting more CMS or processors. We are looking at finding the limitations of our system with LO and we think it's around the 9000 records we have achieved. We could be wrong...

I saw a post that says to look into the sizing document of LO which was a link to the admin guide, but couldn't find anything in there about how to test the limits with current environment settings.

Also, we would like to know what kind of data Live Office (from a Universe) can extract with multiple concurrent connections without any issues? 100 users refreshing 100 records? 200 users refreshing 50 records? Can 25 users refresh 1000 records? We would like to have examples of real life usage of Live Office without issues.

BOXI 3.1 SP3


Windows Server

Excel 2007