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Filter lost when using a bookmark

Nov 02, 2016 at 02:35 PM


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I've been running into some odd behavior for the last week or so. Not sure if something changed or it's just a coincidence. Also not sure if it's related but here are the symptoms.

1) The first thing I do each day is visit SCN homepage to trigger certificate login. It does not show me there as logged in but I can see certificate accessed and when I open another tab then I'm logged in there.

I've created a bookmark in Chrome for unanswered questions in ABAP. So the second thing I do is click that bookmark. But in the screenshot below you can see that even though filter is in the bookmark the URL on top somehow lost it. Strangely, it works fine if I try again.

2) EDIT May 2017: Login seems to have been exorcised. Bookmark issue still persists. Would love to use strike-through font but no such thing anymore, so please disregard the rest. Thanks!

If I stay on SCN for longer than 10 minutes and dare to do different things, sometimes login starts acting possessed. Unfortunately, these issues can't be consistently recreated (I feel like I almost need to run constant screen capture to proof I'm not crazy). The symptoms I've seen:

- log out with no message and for no reason. I open a tab and suddenly I'm no longer logged in;

- I get a message that I'm not logged in but if I scroll to the top it shows me logged in (picture and all). Page refresh does not trigger login and image does not change.

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2 Answers

Audrey Stevenson
Nov 03, 2016 at 05:30 AM

Hi Jelena,

Will pass your feedback on to the team. Unfortunately, with the symptoms being spotty, I'm not sure what can be done. But let's see!


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Thanks, Audrey. Today I got the strangest error of them all when trying to access Notifications. (Disregard red rectangle, it got in the picture by mistake.)

image.jpg (130.0 kB)

The red rectangle shows some Walldorfian English spelling? Typing 'personalised' into this box only puts a red underline on it, not a red box ;)

I see these same issues BTW, so they are not only on your end Jelena. I've seen that same error message, but would assume that perhaps the request ID is unique, and therefore I would also hope there are system logs for SAP IT to look into to help identify root cause and fix the problem.

Perhaps the most annoying timeout has been reported a few times already - where the Activity feed informs you about a timeout and then reloads the page, thereby losing your place in the pagination of feed items.


I am currently using IE 11.633.10586.0 as my default browser and Chrome as needed (and in the case of Messages - this is the only browser that works for the last week or so)


Thank you, Jeremy, for chiming in to say it's happened to you too. It will help the cause of getting it addressed.

Jelena Perfiljeva
May 19, 2017 at 03:30 PM

OK, I'm not sure what happened exactly and when but I created the bookmarks a while ago and it looks like the current URLs are different from what they were from that time. Replaced the bookmark URLs with the current ones and it appears to be working. Example for SD tag questions.

Old bookmark (filter gets lost):

New URL (works):

Again, no idea about the root cause but I hope that there won't be any more URL "swticheroos" going forward because I still have to rely on the browser bookmarks to get where I need to quickly.

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