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Filter unanswered and answered questions

Nov 09, 2017 at 07:14 PM


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OK - so someone has asked this before. I'm going to do something I try to avoid. They got a good answer. I've lost the actual question/answer. So I clicked on the link.

It took me to

Here I could easily change the status from answered to unanswered using a status. Now if I go to my activity type - I can't filter by status. I don't think.

I go to ABAP development and display the questions. I don't see a way to check if it is answered or not.

I've bookmarked the link above. So my question is how do I change my screen to get that nice answered/unanswered feature from wherever I'm at?

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Vadim Kalinin Nov 09, 2017 at 07:21 PM

"Now if I go to my activity type - I can't filter by status. I don't think." - sorry, but not clear what do you mean!

On the Q&A tag page like

you can select "Unanswered"

What else?

P.S. For each tag there is a Q&A tag page, you can find it using the link in the question.

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Yes I can. And I'm happy with that.

How am I able to get that option when I just look at the ABAP development tag? I can't find it.

Community -> ABAP Development ->View more blogs and questions

I can filter by question. But I can't get answered or unanswered.


I am slowly losing what is left of my mind. In order to get a nice screen I should follow this path:

Community-> About Questions and Answers ->Find questions and answers

It does make a difference on how you display all the questions. My screen shot above was going a different path

Community->ABAP Development and then viewing the questions. That doesn't get the same options.


General tag page is a combined list of blogs and questions. Very slow. I use it only to view blogs.

Q&A tag page is a list of questions with status filter. If you follow some tags you can switch between followed tags in the right menu.

Vadim Kalinin Nov 09, 2017 at 07:40 PM

You are using general tag page with Blogs and Questions instead of Q&A tag page!

For general tag page the filter "unanswered" is nonsense - answer for the blog?

Just open any question and click on the tag link. The Q&A Tag page will open!

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P.S. Q&A tag page is much faster to load compared to general tag page.


Thank you! I'm getting there.

Sajid Amir
Nov 13, 2017 at 07:49 PM

Hello Michelle,

I am very fond of using those pages as well. These types of pages are generally referred to as Questions Roll pages or Q&A pages for a particular primary tag. For example, if I want to check the latest unanswered questions from "Using", I go to the main Q&A page here:

You can access that link by hovering the mouse over "Community" on the mega-menu up top and then clicking on "Questions and Answers". Once on that page, I can see the primary tags that I am following on the right side of the screen:

I can then click on one of my followed tags to filter all Q&A related activities from that primary tag. Next, to get a chronological view of unanswered questions only, I then select "Created" as the Sort by criteria and then filter the results further by selecting "Unanswered Questions" under Status. For a tag like Using, these filters result in the following link:

In this link, 486157991894093153608181816584982 is the tag ID, and ?sort=newest&filter=unanswered allows the browser to display only unanswered questions in a chronological view.

Unfortunately our current functionalities do not allow us to distinguish unanswered questions from the user's activity streams. You can filter for general Q&A related activities by selecting the "Questions and Answers" from "Activity Type" to view all important Q&A activities from a particular followed primary tag.

I understand that the different platforms generating and pulling content together can be confusing so I wanted to share what I do to keep track of questions from certain tags. Hope you find this useful!

Best regard,

Community Experience Team

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Hi Sajid,

Excellent. You instructions are easily followed!

Thank you,



Surely on a well-designed and easy to use platform this thread shouldn't exist?


... and the term unanswered will probably have the same meaning :)

On unanswered filter results in a list of questions with no answer at all.

On tag pages, e.g. unanswered means no accepted answer.