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May 20, 2016 at 09:35 AM

Checklist in Maintenace order


Hi all,

For capturing the checklist in maintenance order, following are the option:

1. Creating checklist as operation in task list

2. Generating notification from maintenance plan, and maintaining checklist as task and results as activities

3. Generating maintenance order from maintenance plan with only 1 operation and creating notification at the time of confirmation ,where user can capture checklist.

4. Maintaining check list as measuring point and attach as PRT, and maintaining result with code at the time of confirmation.

Now ,my client's scenario is , in preventive maintenance schedule they check the machine with predefined checklist and if everything is ok, then complete the order or if any component is to be changed then change it.

Now among above processes, which one should I propose to client and why?


Vivek Varun