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Jun 26, 2014 at 06:41 PM

Geo hierarchy from Country Codes, unresovled codes



The 1.17 update...nice step forward.

I am however still trying to get the few unresolved country codes found in our data, resolved.

ie. for whatever some data for Spain is tag SP, the ISO code is ES.. So I tried to replace SP with ES in PREPARE tab..but the hierarchy still sees SP.

I cannot manually type in the country name or assign it to any country I want in the reconcile menu.

So I am stuck with a few codes I cannot assign anywhere, even though I know the country..

I would have thought a replace data x with y would have done it...or let me bypass the automatic logic and manually place unresolved data in the right place.

other than editing the source Excel file, I see no option.

other ideas?