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Jan 18, 2012 at 05:37 PM

Tag does not exist accessing RSLinx 2.55 using Plant Connectivity


When accessing an RSLinx 2.55 OPC server using Plant Connectivity we consistently see the following in the error logs of the PCo agent:

HResult 0xc0040007

A quick bit of searching identifies this as a standard message from an OPC server indicating that the requested item ID is unknown. Using a series of alternative OPC test clients from various vendors (Matrikon, Kepware, etc...) I can verify that the item ID in question does exist and is readable (attempting to address any security configuration questions). Additionally, we have been able to use simulation servers from the vendors above and the one available within MII to verify that PCo is not having issues browsing tags as advertised by other vendors.

I've reviewed a number of additional threads and there appears to be a series of them that relate to issues between RSLinx and other offerings (UDS) in this space. I have verified the items discussed though I haven't seen anything specifically involving PCo.

Does anyone have experience with RSLinx and PCo that they would be willing to share? Unfortunately, we don't have much leeway regarding its usage at the facility in question.