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Jan 10, 2012 at 10:02 AM

Movement type 313 and 315 with Special stock indicator Q requirment


Hi Gurus,

We have the business requirement to use the Mvt 313 and 315 with special stock Q (two step stock transport for storage Location to storage location transfer). But when we are trying to use the t-code MB1B with MVt 313 with Q its not available. We know its because of SAP standard.

Also we suggested to use the Mvt 411 Q but users wants the 313 /315 with Q from moving the project stock by storage location to storage location and received the update as below.

We have looked into the option of transferring the project stock to plant stock. Unfortunately, as well as being transaction-heavy and prone to manual errors, this has accounting implications. So, we need to be able to action the two-step transfer on project stock via the enhancement described in the SAP documentation.

The link is specific to PM config . Could any one can suggest me how to handle this one to do with 313 and 315 with special stock type Project (Q) to transfer the stock by two step transfer.