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Sep 28, 2011 at 07:03 AM

QE51N Results Recording



I am not able to see the MIC characters in QE51N T-code. Let me explain in brief.

We are following QE51N for results recording. I have activated 04 Inspection type for my FG. I have created Characteristics and assigned to class and inturn assigned the class to the FG. I have around 120 Characteristics defined. Now when i try to create MIC against the each Char, I am getting an error that the "MIC is already created in other plant XXX." I went and checked in QS61 t-code and found that MIC's are already assigned to the Material Specification for that XXX plant.

Now if the MIC's are already maintained to the Material Specs in QS61 then they should appear in QE51N t-code. But they are not appearing for me in my present plant. So how to assign the MIC's present in XXX plant to my plant where I am doing my QE51N t-code...

I think am somewhere missing the link to assign the MIC's and I am totally confused.

Please explain me in detail how to go ahead.

I am just giving the step by step T-code I am following. please correct me if I am wrong anywhere

MFBF ->Lot generated -- >QS21 -- ->QS61 -- >ME51N -- ->QA31 ----->Stock moved from QM to Unrestricted.



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