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[BUG] Coffee Corner - author's info shifted in discussions

Dec 16, 2016 at 04:57 PM


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See here:

Author's avatar and info on the right used to be on top, now it's shifted to the bottom. Other discussions look the same. Worked fine recently.

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hmm - did the long title word wrapping bump the author information to the bottom?

Remember this one? It looks like a bug fix introduced another one:


No, the same issue with the short title discussions...


I guess when IT fixes this issue, they can look at the strange numbered list issue that hangs over the left margin...

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Audrey Stevenson
Dec 29, 2016 at 02:01 AM

Did this get fixed? I'm not sure I'm seeing this possible bug. What am I missing?


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Yes, it looks like this was resolved. But I can't tell in my profile the answered questions from the unanswered ones, so I'm dropping the ball on the follow-up. Closing this now, thanks!


Regarding seeing which questions in your profile have answers, the number of answers appears under each question, and when there is no answer it says "No Answers Yet".


I think we have a lot miscommunication because one party reads only the words instead of seeing the meaning behind.

Answered questions... does it mean questions with answers or does it mean accepted answer?

When one is obvious then probably the other is missing.


Unfortunately, the fact that someone posted an answer does not make the question "answered". It only stops being "unanswered" when OP picks a "best answer", like I did here. Previously on SCN answered and unanswered questions had different icons. Why this is not possible on the new world class website is beyond my comprehension.