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[Status Update] Moment of irony - Community found?

After reading some of the ongoing debate in this thread, I was tempted to add the image shown below just to lighten the mood a little, but to not impact the serious discussions happening I chose to add it as a status update here in the good old CC.

You've likely seen the various blogs and discussion threads with catchy titles and snarky comments that started appearing around October 10th (for sake of argument let's just call it 'after launch'), so when I saw how this Q&A thread used some of the excessive left hand whitespace in an intriguing display of title word wrap, it was too much irony for me not to share it with you, my fellow coffee corner aficionados. Link to the actual Q&A thread in case there are any suspicions related to photoshopping.

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Nov 22, 2016 at 10:20 PM

Oops, I nearly missed the text below the SAP logo:)

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I am glad you found the irony :)

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Yep, irony "under wraps":)

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Oh wow, I almost missed it too until I saw Volker's comment, then... Oops! lol.

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Same here, for a moment I was convinced it was Photoshop. :)

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Just when I thought I found the special Easter egg ;)

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Your post made me look deliberately for such combinations:

That may probably start some unofficial missions to create such combinations...:)

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