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May 11, 2011 at 07:51 AM

Tolerance Keys in Logistics Invoice Verification.


Dear All,

What is the difference in working of following tolerance keys:

AN - Item with order reference (can be set at more specific level i.e. item category).

PP - Price Variance.

I could set up PP & make system work as expected but if when I set AN with item category 'Standard' & GR indicator ticked, all Invoices are blocked for payment irrespective of the limit specified !! Dont know where am going wrong.

Also, how Vendor Specific Tolerances exactly works ?

As per my understanding, the vendor specific tolerances does not work if we change the PO Price in the LIV so as to load the difference to the material, correct ? It only works, if the difference is posted to total invoice amount, keeping the automatically populated PO Price in LIV as it is, the difference is posted to small difference account.

Actually, my requirement is setup either of these tolerances for EDI processing of LIV.

Pls. help.