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Sep 08, 2008 at 03:46 PM

Consignment Pick up VL02n message VL150


Hello, we have been watching threads regarding Schedule Line Category F1 for Consignment Pick Up returns movement type 632.

We have changed config VOV6 for F1 to include Movement Type 655 to allow stock posting directly to Q stock.

The tests we performed in our development client worked well. 655 movement type brought stock from our Customer directly into Q stock within our plant.

In our "Production live copy" we receive message VL150 at time of PGR. The transaction fails.

We reviewed VL21, and there are no other deliveries competing for this material.

We are running ECC6 with latest support packs.

Comparison of PRD and DEV client config, along with masterdata is identical.

Any insight would be greatly appretiated.