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Cloud Connector issue. Help needed!

Feb 21 at 03:51 PM


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Hello Experts.

We have configured C4C to CRM replication, through HCI.

SAP HANA Cloud Connector has been installed on-premise.

SAP HANA Cloud Connector is configured to connect HCI to CRM On-premise.

We are trying to check availability, but always getting "Not Reachable".

Nevertheless ping from a server, where Cloud Connector is installed is successful. Moreover we have installed portable version of Cloud Connector locally, used same settings and check result was "Reachable".

Can you please suggest what can be wrong and were and how to troubleshoot connectivity issue?

Thanks in advance.

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2 Answers

Antal Perger
Mar 06 at 09:57 PM

Hi Oleg,

Caused by: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

it happens when the root CA of the remote server SSL certificate does not exist in the JVM keystore (jvm/lib/security/cacerts), hence it is not trusted. It can be that it is a self signed certificate, or the root CA is not in the cacerts file.

The rootCA can be imported into the cacerts file with this command:

keytool -import -alias <SID> -file <path to certificate> -keystore <path to keystore> -storepass <password for keystore>

Default password is "changeit".

Best regards,


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Morten Wittrock
Feb 21 at 05:24 PM

Hi Olegs

Keep in mind that a successful ping from the Cloud Connector host does not necessarily mean that port 443 on the CRM system is accessible from that host.

To check that, try a telnet to port 443 on the CRM system from the Cloud Connector host. Or ask your friendly neighbourhood network administrator to check it for you.



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Thanks for reply, Morten.

Telnet was successfull!

I left configuration as is and tried to send IDoc from C4C to CRM via Cloud Connector.

The error from the scclog is telling following:

Caused by: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

I believe this is due to missing certificates for ON PREMISE.

Based on tutorial we need to import System Certificate and CA Certificate.

I am not able to understand from where we need to export P12 intermediate certificate?

STRUST transaction in CRM having System, Client Standard and Client Anonymous certificates.

I am really lost due to certificates exchange. Do you know how to do proper connectivity?

scc-config.png (42.3 kB)

Hi Olegs

Has SSL been configured on the CRM system? Is there a server PSE in STRUST, containing a certificate? Is the HTTPS service running in SMICM?




Hi, Morten. I can observe that we have PSE. See below.

As I understand HTTPS is running. Nevertheless SSL Connection is "-". Not sure what does it mean.

When I am opening WUI it is telling that certificate is not valid. Could this be a reason?

Is there a way to connect cloud connector and CRM using basic authorization (without certificates)?

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cert.png (111.7 kB)

Hi Olegs

For the specifics of the SSL setup, you should probably talk to a Basis person.

HTTPS between Cloud Connector and backend systems is an option, not a requirement.