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calculating Incorrect planned times

Feb 16 at 10:18 AM


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In SAP Business 0ne, version 9.2

I have two resource types in the BOM. Labour and machine resource. Both are using Minute as UOM

Example 2 people operate 1 machine. To make 1 unit = 1 minute.

Therefore to make 30 units Production order requires 30 minutes of machine time and 60 minutes of people resource.

Production order planned time on summary tab is taking the people consumption (60 minutes) instead of machine consumption (30 minutes)

How can I force SAP to reflect machine consumption and not people consumption?

Many thanks in advance.


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1 Answer

Kathryn Duval
Feb 19 at 01:29 PM

The system takes the maximum time. In this case, it is taking the maximum time of 60 minutes from the labor resource.

You could split the employee resources into two rows of 30 minutes each. Or you could just lower the amount of time for labor to a miniscule amount of time and then the machine time will always be taken to the summary tab.

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