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Sep 11, 2017 at 09:44 PM

FIFO adjustment + F.13 - Auto jobs


Hi folks, I searched the forum for anything close to what we need, can't find any, our parameters are unique but I doubt if F.13 or any other standard transaction can help.

This is what we require:

1. A nightly job to apply credits and un applied cash on FIFO basis - the conditions are that this is limited certain customers and certain documents - those parameters are in the SD tables master and transactional data so the program needs to go there first for selection of such customers or validate the documents/customers before executing FIFO on them. Further, we may even have to keep this restricted to only unapplied cash, not credits. We have hundreds of thousands of customers hence this necessity to clean up the AR on a regular basis.

Then we need:

2. A monthly job to write off or write back to the overpayment account:
(a) All receivables or credits of over $5.00 in the customer accounts - at account level for customers we may have closed (again based on a customer master table parameter of blocking customers)
(b) Write off or write back of over 5.00 at line item level in those customer accounts' which are still active subject to the original document posting date being 6 months or earlier.

In some ways 1 is related to 2 but they will obviously need to be separate jobs.

Can you please advise me of the closest standard SAP transactions that can be used and modified for this objective? I am guessing the requirement is fairly specific esp in relation to the selection of customers so standard SAP program may not have the ability to set up a variant for this. Appreciate any help to get started on this?

Thank you.