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[Bug] special characters in the subject makes the system do weird things

I just tried 2 times and lost my question, half ...

(and was able to repeat the case in the QA system)

The question is now present 3 times but only accessible 1 time

No option for me (moderator) to delete these 2 non-accessible questions from the surface of the tag

I have this special character in the subject 느

When I submitted the question I immediately got this page:

Luckily I had my question in the clipboard :-) So I tried again with the same result

I removed the special character and was successful with the submission. I then edited the question and added the character again and was as well successful.

However, as initially explained, those 2 submissions can be seen in the Activities and as well under the tag that I had chosen.

I would rather expect an error message if I am not supposed to use such characters in a subject line instead of losing the question with "Page not found"

And if the question is lost, then the title should also not appear in users activities and under the tag.

Edit: in QA was the question not really lost as I just saw, despite of the same error page when submitting the question the question really stays and can be accessed.

qnotfound.png (39.0 kB)
special.png (55.5 kB)
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