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LSMW - Direct Input - RMDATIND

Mar 17, 2017 at 11:00 AM


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Hi Experts!

We face a Problem with our LSMW, we use to create new materials. For that we use Object 0020 and Method 0000 with programm name RMDATIND. My question about that, is there any possibility to get in the structure relations the structur BMMH6 a second time in the structure?

Best regards

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Former Member Mar 20, 2017 at 08:40 AM

Hi Jürgen!

The mean point is, that i will implement more than one unit of measure in the additional data.
My file is an simple *.txt File, one line one data set. I know i could make a second LSMW and so one, but i would try to fix it with one LSMW. Encolsedlsmw-structure.png there is a screenshot of my structure relation.


lsmw-structure.png (30.0 kB)
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I know how the structure looks in LSMW, but how does your structure look in the source file?

As you assigned just a single source structure to any target structure you actually have just a 1:1 relation.

but you need a 1:n relation.

So you would need an extra source which will be assigned to BMMH6 having all units that you want for a material

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O.K. Jürgen thanks for your hint´s, we will try it with an ABAP coding in the LSMW. I think we will get the solution how the Users expects.

Best Regards, thank you
Florian Demling.

P.S. In the "old" SCN there was simple to Close a answer, how can i do this in the new platform?

Jürgen L
Mar 17, 2017 at 12:22 PM


Are you really wanting the structure twice or just more data records for this structure per material?

How is your structure relation right now in LSMW and how does your source file look like.

Screenshots would be good to start with

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Yoram Weizman Feb 01 at 02:29 PM

Hi Florian,

In the end (the converted file) you have to have 2 BMMH6 lines for 2 different units of measure, for a same material. Now those 2 lines should be linked to one line for main material data.

I see 2 options:

Option 1: The "clean" one:

This means maintaining 2 files ==> one for main data (MARA) and 1 file with 2 records for unit of measure (BMMH6/MARM)

I you do it, then define 2 structures in the the source structures, one main (MARA) as a father and one child (MARM) SAP will automatically define a "key" with the field MATNR in the source structure definition.

Now your files should look like that:

MARA file, key is : "material1 "

material1 description1 Division1 etc..

MARM file:

material1 unitofmeasure1 length1 height1 width1

material1 unitofmeasure2 length2 height 2 width2

Option 2: the "less clean" one

Another option is to use the "transfer_record" option in a loop. in that case you could map from the "same one only file" the fields you want to pass and ask the system to pass it twice.

it would say for example (written here just for you to understand the idea...)

Do 2 times.

(first time):

BMMH6-MEINH = myfile1-unitofmeasure1

BMMH6-UMREZ= myfile1-denominator1


(second time):

BMMH6-MEINH = myfile1-unitofmeasure2

BMMH6-UMREZ= myfile1-denominator2



and remove the "transfer_record" in the end of the record

Anyways, and whatever the option you like to use, the LSMW will need two or more entries for BMMH6 (which is MARM) in the end...There is no way you can map several times the same structure..

Tell me if you need more explanations,



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Hi Jurgen,

Your answer states that the only possibility is to have one extra source (1:n),

==> I've added the possibility to do what is expected with only one source (my option 2 if you look at the answer)...

I'm still thinking it makes sense...





That's fine! Thank you for your answer..