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Jan 11, 2021 at 08:36 AM

Reverse cycle count differences


Hi Community,

I have a big problem and I would like to know your answers to solve it (if it can)

I’m very new on sap on my job, I’m having a training but I’m still learning..

recently I ran a cycle count using LX26, then LX22...

After that, I used LI11N, LX17, LI20, LI21...

The problem is that I put the wrong qtys of materials and posted it... I’ve been reading some information and I know that I can’t reverse the document but is there any option to solve o reverse the differences that are showed on the cycle count that I did? The person in charge of warehouse told me that there is a lot of negatives on the system but he’s doing some stuff to try to put the correct qty/location on it...

It is possible?

Thanks in advance for your time and answers.