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Nov 17, 2020 at 01:27 PM

Sybase/SAP Replication server WARMSTANDBY Configuration commands


Dear All,

I have a WARM STANDBY environment, with a DB level MSA (using db repdef and dbsubdef), hanging off the logical WS connection.


Replicate Destination Server - ASEREP

physical and logical dbname - balance

Logical connection Name - PRIMLDS

Queue Number - 109,1 (Inbound queue)

Question - So to change repagent user related configurations like below -

exec_prs_num_threads , cmd_direct_replicate , exec_nrm_request_limit , exec_cmds_per_timeslice , exec_sqm_write_request_limit

Should i alter connection to PRIMSRV.balance or Should i alter connection to ASEREP.balance ??

Similarly, for SQM writer parameters tuning (init_sqm_write_delay, init_sqm_write_max_delay ) and SQM reader parameter tuning (sqt_init_read_delay, sqt_max_read_delay) should i tune PRIMSRV.balance or ASEREP.balance ?

Also for DIST thread configs (md_sqm_write_request_limit,sts_cachesize,dist_direct_cache_read, dist_cmd_direct_replicate) do we generally tune the sourceds or destinationds ?

Finally also for all the related DSI parameters. For DSI, i am pretty certain that it would be ASEREP.balance (incl. for dsi_sqt_max_cache_size etc.). However please confirm, again

Note - We already have ASO license. Also, i know that in WarmStandby side, it is better to make changes at both end, considering switch factor. However say you can ignore the switch and please answer accordingly.