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May 15, 2019 at 10:08 AM

C4C Sales Cloud -> Workflow Rules -> Field Update / Formula: z_field = SUM of "Array"

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Hello everyone,

System: SAP C4C 1905

I created two z_fields inside opportunity:

1. Opp header: total contribution margin

2. Opp -> Products -> new column: contribution margin (this field is an "Array" [] it contains multiple values)

I created a workflow with Rule Type: Field Update.

This workflow should update the 1. field "total contribution margin" with the sum of all values inside the 2. field "contribution margin".

I tried this formula: "total contribution margin" = "total contribution"

Result: Error:

Formula result and field to be updated are not of same type. Or given formula is not valid.

How do I address all the single values inside "contribution margin", sum them up and store them into "total contribution margin"?

Thanks for your help!

Best Regards