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Oct 29, 2015 at 07:51 AM

Trigger Formatted Search while doing Copyto



I have written a Formatted search in GRPO owner filed, so that it will set the login user as owner. But when you do copyto GRPO from PO -the owner from PO is copying. I am not able to trigger the formatted search - using Refresh Regularly or by Display saved user defined values on any header field.

I tried - Docnum, Series, Remark, docdate, journal remark, object type...

Still it is not triggering and copy the value of owner from PO to GRPO. any alternative method to trigger without any add-on code?

My formatted search Query is

select lastName+','+firstName from ohem where userId =(SELECT T0.USERID FROM OUSR T0 WHERE INTERNAL_K = $[USER])