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Jun 15, 2015 at 06:23 PM



Hi all,

I have an issue with a VA01 / VA02 transaction variant to grey-out the Billing Block field for document type "CR". When a user runs VA01 for order type "DR"; then green arrows back to the VA01 initial screen, changes the order type to "CR", the Billing Block field is no longer grey-out. The work-around is to /N before changing from a DR to CR.

In my SHD0 definition, the Billing Block screen variants are 4303, 4415 and 4440. The Transaction Variant name is assigned to the "Standard Variant" tab and activated. Next, "NO_VARIANT" is assigned in the CR document definition in VOV8

OSS guidance is to rebuild the transaction variant and to not assign the transaction variant in the standard variant tab. Also, to replace the NO_VARIANT with the Transaction Variant name in VOV8. My question with the OSS guidance is the CR document requires a variant for VA01 and VA02.

I reviewed some SAP Community SHD0 blog entries, which are similar to the method used in creating my VA01 / VA02 variant. The blog entries read to assign the transaction variant to the "Standard Variant" tab. Then to assigned to the Transaction Variant to the document type in VOV8. The main difference is the blog discussions covers a single transaction variant per document type. whereas my CR definition requires two transaction variants .

How do I set-up my VOV8 definition when there is a transaction variant for both VA01 and VA02?

Thank you,

George C.