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Jul 22, 2013 at 09:47 AM

Payment method workbench -DMEE Header Positions


Dear All

I created a DMEE structure flat file. In my structure I have 1 segment group and in the same level I create 2 segments. And later on in each segment I created elements.

It is something like:

-Segment Group ( Level 1)

- Element1 ( level 2)

- Elements...

- Element2 ( Level 1) --> For the aggreations

- Elements...

But in my file I can see that is generating always two lines, it doesn't show me any difference between header and position. I need to have several payments ( different lines in the file ) for the element1.

And later on at the end of the file just one line with total, which I was specting ELEMENT2.

It should be similar to have a header and different positions using the same header.

Could you specialist explain me how can i customize it in DMEE transaction?

Thanks in advance