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May 20, 2013 at 03:48 PM

B1if Multiple Receivers for a B1 Object Call when Outbound = void


Dear all,

if I define SAP Business One as Outbound-System in a B1if Scenario, I can talk to multiple Receiver Systems (multiple SAP Business One Companies). For example I can create a new Business Partner in 5 different SAP Business One Companies.

In some cases however, my Outbound has to be void (for example in case of having a Synchronous Webservice Call as Inbound, the Outbound would be void). So I do the insert/update action DURING the Processing Phase, via a B1 Object Call. Inside the B1 Object Call I can define my Sysld (SAP B1 Company SLD).

My questions is what If I would like to create a record in more than one SAP B1 Company during the Processing via a B1 Object Call. How can I define more than 1 Sysld inside a B1 Object Call? Is this possible or would I need to create multiple B1 Object Call Atoms?

Thanks, David