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Apr 07, 2013 at 05:36 PM

Worklist updating confirmation


Hi All masters:

I hope you´re doing well. I just want to confirm a the following requirement and statement. Thanks in advance.

When your working in the worklist, once you already applied credits, payments etc. The item balance is updated and in you did apply a payment this appears in the payments tab.

But when you get back to the first screen where we can see the total balance amount for all the customer in the work list. These amounts do not updated until the programs FDM_COLL_SEND_ITEMS and UDM_GEN_WORKLIST" are running.

As we know these ones can be executing on line or in background. The client is asking that these programs should be updating automatically without a job, because they have to treat the worklist more than once during the day. And they need to get the customer balance updated. I have argued them that is a process matter. After all this. I just want to confirm that programs run only if you program the job or on line. Is this ok?

I hope to have been clear in my explanation.

I appreciate your attention in advance.

Best regards

Hector Vazquez