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Apr 04, 2013 at 08:24 AM

Leading Zero on serialnumber creates problem for searching



I have a problem, when searching for a material - serial number combination in IQ09 (or IQ03) I put in the materialnumber XXXX and then wants a range of serialnumbers starting with a value XX so i put in XX* for serial number, an get no matches, if i search for only materialnumber i can see all the serialnumbers, Including those starting with XX. It displays only the real serial number, 12345 as an example. The serial numbers are only numbers no other characters. When i look in the table V_EQUI i find the same behavior and there i also find what i think is the cause of the error, When i look at det details for one item in the table i can see a value and a value Unconverted, and the unconverted value has leading zeros. So when i return and search for *0XX* i get a result. But i can see there are serialnumbers without leading zeros, in the system for other materials. And when i tried to create a new serial number and checked it in the table it had leading zeros, and that is a problem for us.

Is there any customizing that can be done to change the behavior of the system? I want to be able to search for the real serialnumber, not the zeros that the system is adding.