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Apr 03, 2013 at 01:16 PM

Inter Company Sales wrong VAT percentage copied from the sales order?


Hi there,

Problem concerns InterCompany sales: Sales from a sales org of company A and delivery of sales org. of company B.

I am creating a Inter Company Billing document (type IV) with VF01 based on a delivery (which have been issued). I have already created the billing document F2 to the external customer. In the billing document a IC customer is selected with tax customer class. 0 = "Tax exempt" and a material with tax class code 1 full tax. The IC is between two entities in the same country. For this country the combination of 0 and 1 is defined as MWST 0% (Tax code A8). If I check the billing document the correct tax classifications can be seen in the billing document (VF01). If I go to the condition screen however I see that MWST is 21% (by the way a VAT ID exist for this customer and all partners have the same customer number (sold to = bill to = payer)). The error is that it determines 21% instead of 0%.

If I analyse the determination of MWST it show me that it is domestic (correct) and the right tax classsifications and 0% (which is correct), if I do an update then the MWST is changed to 0% as well. So I thought maybe the pricing type isn 't correct (no redetermination of taxes)

The billing document is created based on a delivery (type LF) and the item category is TAN. In the copy control of this combination (IV LF TAN) pricing type G is used which is correct it should redetermine the tax.

The only thing which I can think of is that the MWST is copied form the original sales order (in this case 21% which is correct) and no update when creating a IV billing document.

Please help!!