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Dec 14, 2012 at 03:36 PM

Demo_form Fly&Smile - what does the PrintProgram actually do?



I have by chance found the form for that Fly&Smile-example that is in every SAP exercise. I have looked at the layout of that form and at the PrintProgram - well, both of them, there is that RSTXCDM1 and RSTXEXP1 - two different ones as it seems. I can execute both, but the latter one does not result in anything being printed and when I use the former one, selecting exactly that form, S_CA930_DEMO_1, then what I see on the printout is exactly what I see in the layout when I download it - there is seemingly nothing dynamic about that, so now I'm not sure, what is the PrintProgram actually doing in this case? And why are there two of them with a different "outer" name - and looking different - but with the same name in that "REPORT" command?

Can anybody explain to me where the info the report RSTXEXP1 selects from those tables comes in?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,