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Dec 11, 2012 at 05:50 PM

Class 300 or Configuration Profile Specific Plant


Hi everyone.

I have the same code Configurable Material - 4000022 - registered in two different production plants (1104 and 1105). In the plant 1104 there is a specific Class Type 300 and 1105 plant, there is also a specific Class Type 300. Consequently, each class has different Characteristics. First problem: Class type 300 isn't specific determined by Plant Production.

I created two profiles setup (one for the Class of plant 1104 and another Classo of plant 1105). Second problem: the configuration profile does not separate the classes 300 per plant. He only prioritizes the sequence of profiles.

By simulating the CU50 I put the material 4000022, choose the Plant Production and configuration profile which will simulate. Third and last problem: it brings the features of the two Class 300.

Question: How do I, a single configurable code, registered in several plants, the Class 300 has specific plant or whether it is possible to determine the configuration profile that is specific to certain class of a Plant Production and other configuration profile is specific plant another productive. The result desired by that is: when calling the CU50, Plant Production and choose the profile, he bring the specific characteristics of that class, associated with that profile.

I hope I was clear, despite my bad English.

Who can help me, in advance, I thank you.

Luciano Nóbrega