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Former Member
Jul 27, 2005 at 01:42 PM

DropDownByKey problem!


Hi all,

Have a doubt about DropDownByKey UI Element.

I have a DropDownByKey with information from a Simple Type from my Local Dictionary. I when I run my application, I have to compare the value that I select from my Dropdownbykey with another string... he code I'm using for this is..

String str1 =

(String) wdContext.currentContextElement.getcontext1();

String str2 =

(String) "Test";

if (str1 == str2) {

//do something


else {

//do something


So, the problem is...when I try to compare this two strings and I already know they are the same, the program also takes de else option and never goes throught the if condition.

Please, help me with this...

Thanks in advance,