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Nov 24, 2012 at 07:12 PM

Why can I release a transport request with an unclassified task?



I am developing and maintaining BEx Queries. Therefore, I created a transport request and assigned it to my package (the standard BEx transport request). Initially, the transport request contained only an Unclassified task. I forgot to switch its type to a Development/Repair. I continued to make changes to a couple of BEx queries without error. Finally, I wanted to release first the task and then the transport request as usually. However, I failed to release the task because it was still Unclassified. Despite this, I succeeded in releasing the entire transport request. And I could import it to the next platform without errors. I verified that all my changes were transported, too.

Having read a lot about the Transport Management System, I wonder why I could release a transport request with an Unclassified task.

Can you explain?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards