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Jul 25, 2005 at 04:22 PM

XML Forms - How to render a sequence node?????


Hi community!

I am facing a problem while using the XML Forms Builder. In my Data-Schema there is a node of type "sequence", which means that the node is encapsulating other nodes. Moreover, the sequence node can occur in the document more then just one time. So far, nothing special, because this is the standard XML functionality.

My question is now, how to render all occurences of the sequence node in a list or table on the form? The list/table should then show the data of the nodes encapsulated by each occurence of the sequence node in the document. Moreover, the list/table must provide the functionality to add, remove and edit the items.

I could not find any solution yet, and as far as I understand the "RenderListItem" form is ment to render data from several documents of the same type, and not sequence node data from just one document?

Any help is appreciate.

Cheers, Adam