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Jul 21, 2005 at 02:11 PM

Will the repository manager used with MDM be made available to customers?


Hello KM-TREX Gurus,

The question is whether a single search request can provide the result based on both the structured(data residing in the database) and unstructured data available in an organization?

So far we have come across repository managers for unstructured data residing in different repositories. The contents of these repositories can be Indexed and hence can be searched using a TREX search.

Is there any repository manager available for structured data stored in a database? Or do we have to write it on our own?

We came to know that TREX search can be done in MDM. If so, SAP already has a repository manager available for a database. Will that be made available to the customers in the near future?

Is that repository manager specific to MDM?

If so, do we need to write repository manager for each database?

Please clarify. Any input in this regard will be really helpful and will be greatly rewarded.

Thanks in advance.

Best regds,