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Oct 12, 2012 at 06:01 PM

Workflow Substitution to a Subordinate


Hi Everyone,

I just want to know what other organizations have dealt with managers that want to substitute to direct reports. This was a scenario we did not think our clients were interested in, but soon we were told about a few situations where a person received their own tasks. The quick fix was to use the workflow logic and update their position's reports to relationship in PO13.

Unfortunately this causes mass data updates, OM needs to be proactively told, and there is no error message we can generate that I know of to stop the individuals in their tracks. For obvious reasons we would like to update our solutions to be more secure.

So my questions are...

1) Is it possible to give a runtime or upfront error if someone tries to open their own task? Similar to time clerks in CAT2.

2) Is the best solution to use the substitution table to ensure that before a task is assigned to an agent that we confirm there is no substitutions? However, what do you do for tasks already in that manager's UWL? We try not to give the employee forward access because they can forward to anyone in the organization.

3) What other options exist?

Ideally I am trying to make a solution that works for new tasks, prevents old tasks from getting approved by the same person, and to ensure they can be forwarded during an org change to the ner manager without issue.

System is EHP5 (using Java Webdympros still) and Netweaver 7.0 EHP2