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Sep 28, 2012 at 09:20 AM

Dashboard 4.0 with EPMconnector 7.5 connecting to BPC 7.5


Hi experts,

We are currently implementing a Dashboard solution for a client running Dashboard (, EPM Connector ( & Excel 2003.We are having a number of performance and stability issues with the Dashboard and was curious if anyone else has similar experiences or solutions to the problem.

The main issue we see is the limited functionality of the EPM connector not being able to draw data from a nested Analyzer report into a Dashboard (as stated in the install guide). This means that multiple analyzer reports and EPM connections need to be built to get the required data into the Dash. The large number of reports and connections has made the Dash unstable and in certain circumstances stop working. We have seen behaviour where one EPM connection will not be working, but when we move it to the top of the connection list it begins working however another one further down the list stop working.

We have tried installing the EPM Connector V10 but unfortunately this does not have compatibility with BPC 7.5

This leads me to pose two questions to the forum -

1. Is there a way to build a nested Analyzer report, successfully draw the data into a Dashboard and refresh it using the EPM connector.

2. Is there a limited number of EPM connections per dashboard?