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Sep 16, 2012 at 04:56 AM

dashboard on a ipad or iphone


Dear Gurus,

This is not a repeated question. But this question is for getting a better clarity for displaying the "dashboard" and accessing them using the "ipad" and "iphone".

I have gone through our forum and have got the given below details,

1. Flash is not supported on iphone or ipad.

2. Does SAP have a solution or application from their end to display the dashboard on iphone or ipad ? I am clear about this because in some places "SAP BusinessObjects Explorer" in mentioned that, it has capability to display the dashboard in the ipad or iphone. When i checked the user guide, of "SAP BusinessObjects Explorer" there is nothing mentioned about the dashboard display in ipad or iphone.

3. We can display only the "WEBI" or "Crystal reports" using the "SAP Mobile BI application" or "SAP BO mobile" in an ipad or iphone. Is that right?

4. We have many 3rd party tools like like Antiwia or Exxova or Puffin browser. But i am not sure how good they are and what are their limitations. Also client wants only SAP tools and not 3rd party tools.

5. In year end SAP comes up with tool called BO Design Studio (Zen) using which we will be able to display the dashboard in the ipad or iphone. What is HTML5? is it another application from SAP?

Please help me in bringing the dashboards into ipad or iphone. What tools or application should i depend on? Also in case of displaying the dashboard on an Android phone, do i need to use "SAP Mobile BI application" or "SAP BO mobile" ?

Please bear with me for too many questions.