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Aug 29, 2012 at 02:58 AM

Approved Central Contract not triggering XML messages to replicate to ECC


SRM Gurus,

We are having issue with triggering XML messages from SRM to ECC when a contract is released and approved in SRM.

Extended classic scenaio

Version : SRM7.01 ECC6 EHP5


Replication of central contract from SRM to ECC stopped working.

Until last week everything was working,

no major changes except for a document type configuration in ECC.

Error in SLG1 :

Recipient not found

Message no. BBP_EXC004

The error ocurred by processing event RELEASED_NEWLY with GUID E0460004EF852FF182AD005056A12FA9 and object_id= 4400000037

Message no. BBP_EXC000

Error in RZ20 :

Unable to read backend data


When i use FM B46B_CTR_TRANSFER to verify the issue, it gives me an error "


1. Why do i see an error message in RZ20, when i am using SOA.

2. How to make sure the XML messages are triggered for central contracts when distributed as contracts

Any pointers, suggestions, etc is highly appreciated.


- Netaji Gummadi