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Jan 25, 2012 at 06:50 PM

Multiple IDoc Message Listener


I am using XMII Version 12.1.8 Build(46) and I have the following problem.

I need to send information from LOIPRO to XMII to be handled by different transactions.

First, I have configured XMIIIDOC01 and it was working well. After I configured the XMIIIDOC02.

Both have the same partners configured, which means LOIPRO is configureds in both listeners in SAP). I followed the article "How to Send an IDoc from SAP ECC to SAP MII IDoc Listener (MII 12.1 to ECC6.0)" - Updated on 8 Aug. 2011 - to configure XMIIIDOC01 and XMIIIDOC02.

When the second listener was configured I created a second Processing Rule for LOIPRO. What I have for rules are:

Server Name XMIIIDOC01:

- Rule LOIPLO; Message Name: LOIPLO

- Rule LOIPRO; Message Name: LOIPRO

- Rule LOIBOM; Message Name: LOIBOM

Server Name XMIIIDOC02:

- Rule LOIPRO; Message Name: LOIPRO

After XMIIIDOC02 was created all messages were sent to XMIIIDOC02, whatever we do in POIT. The message monitor shows ALL messages as from server XMIIIDOC02, whatever if it is LOIPRO, LOIPLO or LOIBOM.

What I did not understand is when I saved the incoming XML and open it, the EDI_DC40_SEGMENT shows the correct server.

We need to separete the LOIPRO records in different systems and this strange behavour is avoiding us to do this.

Is there any reason for this? How could I acheave the correct result?


Italo Stefani

Vetta Group