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Jan 17, 2012 at 03:14 PM

How to define routes for freight cost calculation



in our company we plan to use LE-TRA Transport with Freight costs calculation. To use Transport it is a must to maintain routes in all sales orders/deliveries. Currently we do not use it and now we have the challenge to define routes and later due to freight costs calculation Stages. There are different solutions for routes. In some other companys we have only routes dependent on the Transit duration, but that's all. They don't use stages and they don't use freight cost calculation in SAP.

As I know routes should describe geographical locations (The way location A till location B). Based on the route we have a defined stage with a distance, shipping type.... That would mean for a company: They need to analyse all delivery channels with different forwarding agents and so on. Is that possible when the forwarding agent is responsible for scheduling? That means for a company with customer around the world thousands of routes?

Alternatively it is possible to create stages in the transport documents. Is that more recommendable? It would be nice, when someone could post his experience with that topic.

Thank you,