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Dec 19, 2011 at 08:41 AM

Recurring payment and Deductions (0014)



According to my client requirement one wagetype has to show in the earnings and again in the deduction too....

scenario is like this..

The wage type has to calculate 1% on 3 respective wagetypes

1000-- 1% basic

1001--1% da

1002--1% food allowance.

and the amount have to show in the earning and deductions..

so what i have done is i have copied 2 wagetypes 1003( for earning side) AND 1004 (for deductions)

i have configured in v_t539j.. for both wagetypes by using PRZNT,,,,

in t511 for 1004 i have maintained as deduction..

for 1003 i have maintained addition..

v_512w_d for 1004 i have checked /110..

and i have maintained the WT1004 in IT0014..

and it showing the wrong amount.... the amounts of 1003 and 1004 are not equal..

every month it have to give this payment and it has to deducts,, pls tell me what are all the this i have to do for achieving this scenario

give me some solutions to solve this prob....