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Oct 15, 2011 at 06:52 AM

Taxation for Bonus Off-cycle payment


Dear Experts,

We are paying the bonus to the employees through off-cycle. We have maintained the wage types in IT 0267.

Also have maintained all the possible entries in respective tables i.e T7INT9 and maintained the percentage in T511K tables.

We have our own tax code and this Tax code is maintained against Taxation method INBTD BON2 Z001

We did maintain the same PCs, CSs and ECs to the all the wage types.

But only one wage type is processed with the tax and other's not.

In Rt table I can see the cumulation of amount of the wage types in to the Ptax.

But in wage type /4MI, only one wage type is got taxed and not the other one.

Please give me the solution.