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Oct 12, 2011 at 01:09 PM

SNP: Different supplier same product


Hi Gurs,

I have a requirement and need your advice to decide: In which module I can implement the requirement the best.

Scenario: We have a distribution center which is located between supplier (are production plants or external suppliers) and local entities (countries).

Requirement: The same product (same item number) is delivered by two different suppliers. For some countries it is legally not permitted to deliver products from a specific supplier . The same product (different origin) from supplier S1 cannot delivered to country (customer) C1. Customer C1 can only be delivered with product from supplier S2.

Origin of product is an attribute of product in MARA and subsequently in SCM APO. Now my question is: how / where in APO can I implement this scenario?

Any help is highly appreciated

Kind regards