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Sep 26, 2011 at 10:06 AM

Consumption of subcon component provided by external vendor at GR



Our client req in subcontracting is - for a finish product, there are two components.Company provide one component to vendor while other component is proveded by an external vendor to subcontractor. Once finish product is ready, GR should be posted and this should consume both components.

I am trying to replicate the above scenarion in SAP. But facing issue.

first I crrated suncontracting PO for finish product in which I mentioned the component 1 only that company will provide. with 541 I issued this component 1 to subcontractor.

I created regular PO with other component 2 to an external vendor with delivery address as subcon vendor. with 101-O, this component 2 is also moved to subcon stock.

Now when I post GR wrt suncontracting PO, it only consumes component 1 with 543, but doesn't consume component 2. This is the issue.

My requirement is that both the components should get consumed.

I also tried maintaining BOM with both components and for component 2, I selected the field Material Provision Indicator (item details-status view) as L - Material provided by vendor. Then followBut still it is not consuming this component as the time of GR wrt suncontracting PO.