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Jan 20, 2005 at 10:01 AM

Get a request parameter within a WebDynpro


Hi all,

I'd like to develop a WebDynpro which should have a "dinamic behavior", that is this dynpro receives as an entry a KM document RID and do something according this RID. I'd like to pass the RID on the request, for example: <URL of my own webdynpro application>&docRID=<document path within KM>.

I'm not able to understand how to get the RID from webdynpro request. Is it possible do that? In your opinion are there other, best, ways in order to do that?

I've followed the thread webdynpro-iviews-in-ep-one-app-for-each-iview-repo but I'm not able to understand where the value, passed on request, is stored.

Any hints is very precious