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Jun 13, 2011 at 06:43 AM

How to perform partial GR if adopt putaway qty = 3 at LT12


Dear experts,

Let's say my inbound delivery qty = 100pc. Then, I create a TO whereby putaway qty = 20pc.

At transaction LT12, I set "adopt putaway qty = 3(Stock placement qty not copied into delivery as deliv. qty)". How do I perform the partial GR for the 20pc which I have just confirmed? Doing it at VL32N or MIGO gives me the following error messages:

VL32N: Delivery has not yet been put away / picked (completely)

Message no. VL609

MIGO: Inbound delivery is WM-relevant; use goods receipt for Automotive

Message no. BORGR705

Note: I don't want to confirm the full inbound delivery qty of 100pc before I can perform a GR. I don't want to set "adopt putaway qty = 1 or 2" because I dont want to overwrite my inbound delivery qty.

Note: I understand that if I set "adopt putaway qty = 4(Do not take putaway qty as delivery qty, but post GR)", a GR will be posted automatically. However, this is not what I want. I want the flexibility of performing GR as and when I please based on the TO's which I have confirmed.