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Apr 07, 2011 at 11:20 AM

PARALLEL_DEGREE_POLICY init parameter Ora11gr2: any experiences?


dear experts,

would be nice to hear if someone has already used the new init ORA-Paramter PARALLEL_DEGREE_POLICY

wich controls the "In-Memory Parallel Execution".

Before Oracle 11gr2 parallel processing by-passed the database buffer cache for most operations, reading data directly from disk . Now a check is conducted to determine if the objects accessed by the statement should be cached in the aggregated buffer cache of the system and later may reused .

The memory capacity on a typical database server have become extremely large.So, using the buffer cache to hold large object doesn't seem so impossible any more.

In-Memory PX initialization parameter PARALLEL_DEGREE_POLICY must be set to AUTO (default MANUAL)

I assume it can speed up parallel DB operations i.e. like ODS-activation or Bitmap Index name it.

Is SAP valuating that paramter for a standard setting in it's SAP BW system running 11gr2 ?