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Apr 01, 2011 at 04:25 PM

Vendor replication and exchange documents from SRM to SUS (using PI)


Hi Gurus,

We are implementing scenario plan driven procurement with suppllier collaboration on SRM 7.0.

Our architecture involve:

A server machine with SRM 7.0 (SRM server and SUS components both in this machine)

A server machine with Netweaver PI 7.0

A server machine with EP 7.0

A server machine with SAP R/3 4.6C

Now we are working on vendor replication process in order to carry out vendors from R/3 to SUS (on portal enviroment) and we made following steps:

- Replication of vendor from R/3 to SRM by mean tx BBPGETVD: OK

- Replication of vendor from SRM to SUS (on portal enviroment) by mean tx BBP_SP_SUPP_INI:

In this step we put the BP (created with tx BBPGETVD) on field "Supplier" but we obtained the Message no. BBP_XP004

"No vendor allowed for vendor portal"

So we want to know, in connection with mentioned architecture, the way to perform this activity in order to replicate the suppliers in SUS.

Is possible perform activities related to exchange documents (by mean Netweaver PI) between SRM and SUS (as necessary for our implementation scenario) if these mentioned components are installed and configured on the same phisical server machine?

What is the best recommendation about installation of SRM and SUS? A unique server machine or separated server machines?

Is there any inconvenience or technical reason having SRM and SUS in the same server machine?

Thanks in advance.