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Mar 28, 2011 at 10:25 AM

iPad issue when connecting to external server on 8.81 PL03


This thread is split off from "Extenally connection for the i-phone or i-pad. "

The issue is that the iPad fails to connect to an external server, while it did so successfully to a server on an ad hoc network setup.

In Integration Framework page -> Monitoring -> Authent. Monitor I only see feedback on the sap.Xcelsius scenario - again it says the info is from 8080 (while B1mobile is on port 8443, since Enforce Secure Transport = True for sap.B1Mobile?)

The attemps by the iPad to login only shows in the B1authcheck log. I have confirmed the time stamps.

I compared this unsuccessful log entry to my successful ad hoc network's log entry and it seems to break here:

"#177765 --- 2011-03-26T11:58:14, millis=1301165894004



Class/Method, log

Thread 9422

BPC141 XSL-stylesheet to execute: bizstore:/


#177768 --- 2011-03-26T11:58:14, millis=1301165894004

Level INFO


Class/Method$DBConnection, logP

Thread 9422

DBL012 DBConn.#65 Did an explicit DB-Rollback at point java.lang.Throwable


I have tried connecting both via 3G and with the iPad connected to local Wifi.

SAP is 8.81 PL3 with the B1iC that ships with the patch. The iPad is running the 1.1.1 app. Secure Transport is enforced (i.e. SSL is ON and port 8443 is in use)

Any insight will be appreciated!

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